Successful Conference Equals Great Future For Comto

The 45th COMTO National Meeting and Training Conference was a huge success and we cannot thank enough all of the industry and corporate partners and the many transportation professionals that sponsored and participated in the five-day conference. Not only did you make 2016 a great year for the COMTO North Texas Chapter, but you made it a great year for COMTO National, which is committed to becoming a true multi-modal transportation organization.The successes of the conference included over 600 registrants and high-level presentations by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Texas Central Partners, Texas Department of Transportation, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, DFW International Airport, Dallas Love Field Airport, North Texas Tollway Authority and many more. Overall we offered numerous plenary sessions, symposiums, forums, roundtables, a legislative breakfast, a scholarship luncheon, an awards banquet and more than 30 workshops covering information on all sectors of the transportation industry. It was a monumental undertaking that has helped the COMTO National organization to become a leading multi-modal transportation organization in America.

Now that the conference has successfully concluded, the North Texas Chapter is on strong footing and positioned to be a leading multi-modal transportation organization in DFW. Our attention will shift towards advocacy, opportunities, education and scholarships.

The COMTO North Texas Chapter’s advocacy will be geared toward communicating and informing the industry about the many multi-modal transportation projects that are coming to North Texas and the many agencies and corporations that will be responsible for the massive build-out of these projects. We will provide a platform for communicating what these projects entail and how they will make a significant impact on how we travel in, out and around the DFW region.

We will spend considerable time connecting transportation professionals and contactors to the many multi-modal projects that are scheduled to begin in 2017 and beyond. This effort includes meeting with agency decision-makers and potential architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C) contractors that will be directly involved in the development of these projects. Some of the projects that we are closely tracking include:

  • Dallas Area Rapid Transit Cotton Belt Regional Rail Project
  • Dallas Area Rapid Transit D2 Light Rail Project
  • Dallas Love Field Airport Rental Car Facility
  • DFW International Airport Terminal F Project
  • North Texas Tollway Authority Trinity Parkway Project
  • TEX Rail-DFW Airport Station
  • Texas Central Partners – Dallas to Houston High-Speed Rail Project
  • Texas Department of Transportation LBJ East Project
  • Texas Department of Transportation Southern Gateway Project

Our goal is to also educate the DFW transportation industry about the current new technologies and approaches for implementing an innovative and advanced 21stcentury, multi-modal system. This includes technologies that make traveling more efficient and the delivery methods used to design and construct projects more quickly. The key here is to discuss the decisions that drive the innovations and advancement of the industry and to better position transportation professionals for success in the industry through knowledge.

Finally, we are committed to participating in school career days and speaking to high school seniors and college students about the benefits of a career on the transportation industry. This is important so that college-bound students or students wanting to pursue a specific vocation understand that there is a wide range of career opportunities in the transportation industry. This will be done in conjunction with an aggressive fundraising effort through our year-round program schedule and through the successful execution of our annual scholarship golf tournament.

The future is bright for the COMTO North Texas Chapter and we look forward to working together with both current and new members as we advance our ever-growing transportation industry.

Carmen Garcia


Ruben Landa

1st Vice President

Bianca Sandoval

2nd Vice President

Dorothy Cheatham


Rosalyn McDonald


Jimmy Malone